Monday, August 13

Which yarn?

Hi! I'm Mandie. Most of you probably know, I'm the designer of the Sheepy Pants pattern. I'm so extremely thrilled to see so many people enjoying it. Please don't feel any pressure though to use my pattern over any others. There's room for everyone :)

I'll be making some longies for my Etsy store. I can't decide which yarn to use. What do you think?

100purewool "Clay" I have a skein and a half, so just enough for newborn or small of these

Peace Fleece "Baghdad Blue" which is an impossible to photograph color, but this isn't bad. There are little flecks of purple in there.

These are all Cascade 220. I could use any combination of these. I like the gold and green together, they're both heathered. Not sure what pattern combination to use on them though.
These are all 100purewool 3 ply. I adore this yarn, it's *so* soft. I have enough of the blue for some nice big longies. The pink/yellow/blue one I do too, but it looks like spring to me, and since it's coming up on fall it doesn't speak to me as much. The light blue I adore that color. It looks like Tahiti.

So what do you think?


jessmama said...

I love the green and gold. They make me think of early fall when only the first of the leaves have turned.

Robin said...

I love the Cascade colors and the Clay. I'm not much for pastels.

Wendy said...

I like the clay, great for the fall.