Saturday, August 18

Hmmmm.... well.... hmmmmm...

Being the s l o w knitter that I am I started the KAL early. Figured I'd get part of the ribbing done by monday. Well. It's taken me a terrible amount of time to get 1.5 inches of ribbing done. 2x2 ribbing which I thought would be easier to remember than 1x1, if I was k-ing or p-ing... but it wasn't easier so I ended up with about 4 rows of actual ribbing. The rest is... looks like garter stitch. I was still going 2x2 so I was hoping that it would start to resemble ribbing again... but it's apparently not going to. It is, however, still stretchy. I wasn't willing to frog this little 1.5 inches that I spent hours on so... think it will be okay?
Did I mention that I hate ribbing. AND I have a new respect of you people that actually can get these done in a timely manner and sell them for less than a kazillion dollars. In fact I very well may be frequenting your lovely online shops in the coming months... and will definately put said shops on the gift registry for my grandchild. Because if he/she has to wait for ME to knit enough of these... bwwwaaahahahahaha. It could be awhile.
I have enjoyed it tho' (except for the hating ribbing part) and now the thought of short rows terrifies me. lol. But I'll muddle through I'm sure. :)

Have a great weekend every one!!


Knit Wit said...

Ribbing takes some getting used to before you can be good at it. I used to *hate* making ribbing. Now I do it all the time.

Meanwhile, as long as you put in a drawstring it should be fine anyway :)

Robin said...

Thanks knit wit for the encouragement! I'll keep at it. :)