Friday, August 17

Needles question

Hi, I bought by needles today, but they only had 11" circular needles and the pattern called for 12" for the legs.... Is this ok, or should I order a 12" online? Also I got a size 4 16" for the top, I may have to try to figure out the correct gauging adjustments. I may try to start tonight if I get a chance. I am using Peace Fleece even though I am not so thrilled with the roughness of it, but I already have it.


Knit Wit said...

11" circs will work fine. I do all my legs on 11" circs. Though, they do take some time to get used to using a needle that short.

What pattern are you using? Make sure you do a swatch with the peace fleece because it tends to be just a little bit thicker than most other yarn people use.

abunchofus said...

Heather - where did you find 11" circs?

Anonymous said...

I found the 11" at Wright's outlet store near my house. BTW they have some great needles for 3 for $1. But of course they mostly have 29" circulars so I had to pay the $2-3 for the 11 & 16". Good to hear I can use them.