Sunday, August 19

I joined up too :)

My name is Amanda, and I'm Mumma to 6 and 1/2 lil people :)

My kidlets are aged 15 yrs DD, 13 yr DS, 12 yrs DS, 5 yrs DS, 4 yrs DD and 3 yrs DD....none of whome are in nappies( dipes) anymore of course! lol I am due to have another lil bundle on November 20th...another lil blue bubba :) I will be making him some longies....I will be using my own pattern for them. Have yet to decide what yarn/colour etc

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Becky said...

Hi! Welcome to the KAL! I am also due to have a baby on November 20th! This is only our 3rd, though! My other two are 3yrs and 17 months.