Sunday, August 26

Oh.. Those chocolate and blue longies are going to be yummy.. I love those colors..

I on the other hand have gotten sidetracked with work. I did however hit a sale at hancock fabrics on lion wool and fishermans wool. Now, they never have this wool at the store in stock ever.. I got 10 skeins of lion wool for $20.00 and 5 fishermans wool for $15.00. Talk about a deal. Not sure how the lion wool will do for soakers since I hvae never used it, but the fishermans wool seems to work great. Can't wait to dye them.

I will take pictures of my progress later in the day unless life calls.. LOL
Well done to all who have posted pictures..

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Melanie said...

WOW! That is a deal!!! I'll have to check out my Hancock Fabrics!! I have some fisherman's wool, I just haven't dyed it yet because I wanted to knit up some shorties with something else. LOL