Monday, January 14

Curly Purly longies

After ages of sitting in my UFO pile, T's nighttime longies are finally finished. This is his final pair of woolies for this winter.
The lighting really stinks today, so the color looks all washed out. The second picture is a little more true to the color IRL. It's Peace Fleece in Patience Blue. I am again just so enamored of the way PF blooms and softens after washing and lanolizing. I love this yarn!
I worked the Curly Purly waistband and then just kept going to make longies instead of working the leg openings per the soaker pattern.

Saturday, November 3

Started a new pair of longies tonight

Hi all,
I finally found some time to start a new pair, not a lot done so far as knitting whilst breastfeeding so I have only got to past the 1st short row. I am doing another pair of sheepypants with the enclosed elastic waist as I really like how they sit on bubby. I am using some 12 ply cream 85% merino and 15$ angora from bendigo woollen mills, so hopefully they will be nice.
Has anyone else got anything on the needles at the moment?
Kind regards, Mel

Charlie gets another new pair

Peruvian wool dyed by Lacey of Jelly Beans
Colorway named Blue Eyed Jersey Cow
Sheepy Pants pattern Size XL w/11 inch inseam

Tuesday, October 30

Great job to all

Hi all,
I don't have time to individually post, but wow are there some fantastic longies happening here. Amazing. They are all super wonderful and wanted to let you all know that you are doing a great job.

Saturday, October 27

Charlie's new longies

here they are ... i did these w/lions wool ... i am not happy w/the way the color change is in the back middle ... will have to work on that next time

Thursday, October 25

Further Observations Making Longies

Another observation looking at the picture of the longies I made. If you look at the legs, they sort of match due to making them at the same time on a long circular needle. I hadn't noticed until recently. Thought it was cool.

Thursday, October 18

Sheepy pants Longies finished !

Hi all,

I finished these on the 13th of October, I have had trouble getting blogger to upload pics but trying again. They look great and they fit nice with the basketweave hems turned up and should fit for a while and it they felt shorter they'll still fit too-lol. Hope you like them as much as I do.

Regards, Mel

Wednesday, October 10

that pic was Awful!

ok ladies - sorry but that last pic was just plain terrible - and I don't know how to edit it! so trying this again!

My first Sheepy Pants!

I did it! I finished the sheepy pants! Just in time for it to turn cool here! our high today is mid 60's. I know - some of you are thinkg "that's shorts weather". Well not for this southern girl! I have to say I love our new home and the scenery and even the snow and cold weather (which the snow has not gotten here YET!) but I'm not a cold weather girl! I stay indoors when it's cold LOL - or I at least bundle up a lot! When it reaches mid 60's I'm already in jeans, long sleeve shirt, and a light jacket! Anyway - that was a rabbit trail - I finished dd's longies! I am very pleased with the colorway and how it knit up! Mandie's pattern was awesome and the pattern support is beyond words! guess you'd all like me to shush and show you the longies huh!

well here ya go!
I also finished up a tester pattern for a crocheted pair of longies.
Now I'm working on another tester pattern for some knit longies! I'm using Paton's Classic Merino in the "Retro" colorway! I really like how this colorway knitted up in the swatch! These will be for my best friend's 2 yr old little man! He wants some longies like his baby brother!

Tuesday, October 9

Making some progress on sheepypants

Hi, Just a quick update picture so you can see how my yarn is patterning. I am up to the kitchener and split for legs, Logan has grown so much recently his last sheepypants look short today- seriously tossing up between unpicking the hems and adding some length or letting them morph into shorties/capris? I am enjoying making these, but children just started term 4 of school and I need to do some catchup work on the house before my ravelry invite arrives and I am lost for a while.

Regards, Mel

Saturday, October 6

"Pacifico" PW newborn longies set

These are going to my SIL in New Zealand that just had a baby boy. I've never made a newborn pair before...they are so cute and small!

Friday, October 5

New wool arrived


I have been waiting on this wool I ordered as I really wanted to try some wool which patterns like you gals all have so I ordered this hand painted yarn and now I am starting to wind it so I can get started on a new pair of longies.

Regards, Mel

Wednesday, October 3


I'm so inspired with everyone's posts! I haven't been able to start on any longies yet because I'm waiting on a Pure Wool order. :( But until it arrives, I'm trying to finish up some other projects - a pair of socks for my husband and an afghan for this winter! But thanks again for all the great pictures because I can't wait to make some longies for my little granddaughter!

finished longies

finished up the Malbrigo longies with ruffles and also a pair in 3ply PW that I dyed.
Now I am working on a pair of newborn sheepy pants in Pacifico PW for my SIL's new baby boy.