Thursday, August 30

Aundrea's shorties are DONE!!!

I finished them ... now I need to make another pair ... these are a little big on youngest DS ... they may fit oldest DS ... if they do then youngest will get a new pr and then i have some longies to make ... oh and i'll post pictures in a little bit as i just took some

ok here are the pictures ... sorry so many ... they are definitely too big for youngest ds ... but oldest can wear them and has laid claim to them ... i am telling y'all that boy loves his shorties

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Been sidetracked!

Ugh, I still haven't finished a pair of longies yet though I have made 3 shorties and a soaker in the mean time. I'm still waiting on my yarn for the longies.

I have been a little busy though. Found out last week that I have skin cancer and have been averaging 2 doctor visits a day for the last week! I was able to get quite a bit of knitting done in the waiting room. Went in for surgery this morning and am just beginning to pull out of my drug induced stupor. Luckily we caught it at stage 1 so I won't need anything elso too extensive done. I'm full of holes, but cancer free! My new life moto is, "Wear your sunscreen!"

The pictures of all the longies everyone has done are great, such pretty colors! I can't wait to get mine started.

Wednesday, August 29

Haven't even started!

Well ladies - I haven't even started any longies yet. I was trying to decide what to use some yarn for and decided on a pinwheel blanket so I'm working on that - should finish it probably by Friday or Saturday. I hope to start on socks for dh on Sat as we have a 3 hour ride each direction to a wool festival! Or maybe I'll start on longies then and keep the socks a secret!

Tuesday, August 28

Finished a pair

I just finished these for my friends little boy. I used Cascade 220. It was my first time using a different color for the trim.

Monday Night Check in by Aundrea

well I have 3/4 of the body done then I move onto the gusset ... here is a picture of my progress so far

one question though ... when measuring for length before starting the gusset do I measure from the top down or from the bottom of the ribbing down???

Monday, August 27

My progress

Here's what I've done so far:

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I was going to make longies but I think these will end up being shorties or capris because it's only 1 3.5 oz. skein.

I'm stuck right now until Mandie can help me with my gusset error. LOL

I did a ribbed waist after ripping out my attempt at a drawstring waist. Ribbed is much easier. I couldn't figure out the thumb cast on that's needed for the drawstring waist. BUT short rows aren't as hard as everyone seems to think they are!! I followed Mandie's tutorial on her blog and it was easy. THANK YOU Mandie for writing that tutorial!!

This just points to how weird I am. LOL The simple things (like switching to larger needles and the thumb cast on) I find difficult but a "hard" thing such as short rows are easy!! *sigh*

Sunday, August 26


Hi Ladies,
I guess I'm a bit late. Those socks I had to finish took longer than I thought. Anyway, I did my gauge square last night and was disappointed that the HPY Colonia 145 that I'm using gets the same gauge as Peace Fleece! I was thinking it was bulky. Hmmm. But it is still beautiful, and 4 1/2 spi is not too bad. Can you tell already that I'm a lazy knitter? I'm using Cedro de Dulce, a lovely caramely brown. I was happy to see dd has grown considerably since I made her last set of shorties for the summer, though! I am making Sheepy Pants with a ribbed waist. Should finish the waistband tonight. Nice to be here with you all. (waving energetically from the Jersey shore.)

Gotta Question Mandie...

I'll post a pic later of my progress... I ended up frogging the ribbing twice and finally the third time did it correctly (yay me!) but ended up with a little too much ribbing which I'm okay with. (I'm using the Sheepy Pants pattern btw)
I knitted the pants on the larger needles... and am to the terrifying short rows which will have to wait until tomorrow anyway when I can concentrate on them. BUT my question is... Just before the short rows and after the ribbing the pattern says to knit regular until pants are 2 inches. Does that 2 inch measurement just come from the pants part just below the ribbing to needles? I guess an easier way to say it would be: that 2 inch measurement doesn't include the ribbing correct?
So it would be:
ribbing: 1.5 inches (mine is more like 2)
Knit: 2 inches
then short rows.
Is that right? -- just wanna make sure I'm understanding before I continue b/c knitting is soooo hard to frog partially. Crochet yes, knitting not so much.
Robin - who is making progress but slowly. :)

Sunday Update from Aundrea

Well I have the ribbing done and a little more into the body ... I am wanting to put a design on the booty so trying to figure this out ... my goal is to have the design done by next sunday ... we'll see how far i get as I have a bunch of stuff going on this week but I am making time to knit every day ... even if only for 30 min at a time
Oh.. Those chocolate and blue longies are going to be yummy.. I love those colors..

I on the other hand have gotten sidetracked with work. I did however hit a sale at hancock fabrics on lion wool and fishermans wool. Now, they never have this wool at the store in stock ever.. I got 10 skeins of lion wool for $20.00 and 5 fishermans wool for $15.00. Talk about a deal. Not sure how the lion wool will do for soakers since I hvae never used it, but the fishermans wool seems to work great. Can't wait to dye them.

I will take pictures of my progress later in the day unless life calls.. LOL
Well done to all who have posted pictures..

Chocolate and Blue Longies

These longies are chocolate and blue, and I love them. They're a custom for a YYMN that was raffled for Diaper Traders. The yarn is from One Stop Sweet Shop, and it arrived like this:When I woke up this morning, they looked like this:

I was going to post progress notes, but life got in the way. We were so busy all day, and outside, and by the time I got to the computer to post an update, I had to update my update. Now they look like this:

I was also thrilled by my score at the craft store today, where they had a lot of yarn (no wool, though) on clearance. For $15, I got two needle cases and:

NINETEEN skiens of yarn!!!

Saturday, August 25

The first pic is the back and the second pic is the front. If it is too dark let me know and I can retake them...

Friday, August 24

Major mess up!!

I don't know what to do now. I was knitting the regular gusset and after row 5 the instructions just said to continue to knit in pattern, well on row 6, I did the M1R and I K5 by accident, and proceeded Row 7: knit,
row 8: k6,
row 9: knit,
row 10: k7,

instead of K6, K8 and K10, so now I don't know what to do and I am not so comfortable ripping the whole thing out. And I thought I was doing so well! :(

Sheepypants longies finished!

HI all,

I finished my 1st pair of sheepypants last night and Logan obliged to wake up and try them on as he got dressed for bed. They just need some lanolising now. I don't know whether to make another pair the same size or make some next size up? Or do I make some shorties ready for summer as it feels like spring today! I'll have to have a hunt in the stash and see what inspires me.
Regards, Mel

Progress notes

I finished the hats, they're on my blog if you'd like to see. I'm working on the chololate and teal longies now. I'll post pics later, right now I'm knitting for all I'm worth!

Friday Update

Well, I finally finished the DONEGAN longies. Whew! The rise was coming out short, so I had to 'frog' the whole thing and start over. But, how yummy they turned out! They're drying and will be off to their new home today.

Up next: GUINEVERE custom. I didn't get too far yet, but should have these done by Monday (I'm hoping anyway).

Thursday, August 23

Longies update from Mel

I finally got sorted and printed out my pattern for sheepy pants yesterday lunchtime and then proceeded to knit. I got this far before I had to hit the sack last night, which is more than I thought I would manage what with children to pick up from school and swimming lessons to get to, not to mention cooking and taking care of baby Logan. I am making the sheepy pants with an enclosed elastic waist and probably seed stitch hems, This is the size small knitted in Patons Jet.
Looking forward to finishing this leg so I can try them on Logan without so many points sticking out-LOL
Regards, Mel

The craziest knitter you'll ever meet!

Ok, so I'm experimenting with my own creation, knit from the bottom, gusseted crotch, shaped bottom, oh la la. I finish it up with more yarn left over than I anticipated and got the great idea to make the legs longer. But, since it is knit from the bottom up, I can't just pull out the hem and make it longer. So I get the bright idea to just cut off the hem, pick up the stitches and knit a few more inches. I took pictures. Those of you faint of heart, don't watch!

Little late getting started, what else is new :-)

hello All, I'm Loraine, 47 yr old mother of a 29 month old. Vincent Wesley "VW" as some of you know it my one and only child (and pregnancy) and I am lucky to have him. I am raising him on my own. Lucky him, right? heh

I have been debating what yarn to use, for whom to make them, etc. I'm having a difficult time making decisions right now. I decided to use an acrylic yarn as I have some waiting to be used in a fun colorway, reds and yellows, and I think I'll make them for my new niece coming anytime the paperwork is finished. She is arriving from Armenia, my youngest sister and BIL are adopting. Millicent Mary will be their second child. They have the every sweet and funnily named Mitchell Egan, Mitch Egan- say it fast and you know where his dad grew up and went to college. Yes, they're all M's, first and last name. When Marty married Margaret Mary, well, I think that's one reason he married her- she was taking his name and is MMM now. So, Milly will be MMM as well. Her name now is Lilet, which I love, but it's a no go.

So, I think I'll make a Large Sheepy Pants and if the boy can wear them, fine, if not, little ms. can wear them at some time. They live in MS so hard to decide what to give them. I think I'm convincing myself not to make them for the M family now. HAH

Be catching up soon, I hope. I am trying to finish this one sock I've been working on, the pair, for a year. My poor VW :-) I'm not sure they'll fit now. Oh, well, Milly is always there for leftovers. Maybe my new nephew Bradon?? See, can't make up my mind.

loraine and
vincent wesley "VW"
I'm 29 months old now!!

Wednesday, August 22

Sidetrack and Progress!

I realized that I was knitting my longies tighter than I did my guage swatch, so I was worried that my longies might end up being too small. I put it aside for a bit and worked on a different project. In doing that, I realized that I crochet tightly! (I've never crocheted anything that it mattered with before. ie. only toys, and not clothing!) My other 2 kids have had small feet, so hopefully their brother does too, or these won't fit him! They are 3.25" long and not super stretchy (being crochet). I got the pattern from an old Workbasket, but they were for tennis shoes and I wanted the "dressy" shoe, so I changed it! The picture is kind of dark, sorry.

Anyway, I checked with my mom and she thought that my longies would be big enough. I also dug out one of my newborn contour diapers and PUL wrap covers that I made and held the longies up to them. They look like they will work (unless of course William is a huge brute and then we're going to have other problems since his big sister got stuck coming out and she was only 8 pounds 2.5 ounces!) so I have continued on. This is my progress so far. Oh, since I'm doing the free flat Tinybirds longies, I decided to do both sides at the same time, so that they will end up the same!

Tuesday, August 21


hello, well I'm Kate, I'm a mum of 3 and live in the UK. I have only been knitting since feb, but love it. I brought the bella donna patten, and thats what i will be knitting for the Kal.
my youngest is 18 months now, and I'm dreading potty training already.
Looking forward to the Kal.
love Kate

What longies?

So I have all these longies to do, and I've almost finished the newborn pair, when my brain suddenly decided that I absolutely couldn't do one more pair until I made my daughter a woolen hat. It's August, in TX, and I'm knitting a Stripey Hat from Simple Knits for Little Cherubs, by Erika Knight. Of course I changed it. I used a heavier yarn, so I started out with fewer stictches. I plan to felt it a little, so I'm making it longer than the pattered states, to account for the way it will felt. (more felting up and down than sideways)
I promise to go back to longies today as soon as I finish this hat. Unless my brain decides I need to knit...oh, say...a giant pink bunny.
I will post a progress pic tomorrow. I finished the top portion, but I do have a question for Mandy. On the sheepy pants pattern, it says to knit plain until pants are about 2.5" long (for Med) on the short row section and to Measure from the purl round if using the internal drawstring (I too hate ribbing, so I opted for a simpler top.) But it is already just under 3" already without starting the short row section, (since I added 14 K rows), so do I just start the first section of short rows from this point? TIA.

Sunday, August 19

Aundy's Sunday night update

OK ... I am going to do the Aubrey DoodlePants Knitting Pattern in shorties for Charlie ... I also have to start on a couple of other things so I will be doing a little at a time on his shorties. I am going to go pick up some new needles and some more yarn tomorrow afternoon ... my goal is to get the ribbing done this week and start on the rise ... we'll see how energetic I can be

Off for a few days

Well dh is taking us to a nearby hotel that has an indoor waterpark for a few days. We'll leave tomorrow and be back home Wed sometime. I'll probably start working on some longies while we are there. I have no idea what yarn or colorway yet. I'm expecting a huge box from a recent coop tomorrow before we head out! 9lbs!!!!! That's some serious yarn! 14 skeins of 3ply purewool. I had ordered a couple skeins of the hot pink and black and I got to thinking last night that I sure wished I had ordered some solid hot pink to do for trim on them! I have the most adorable little black onesie (that I'm going to crop and lettuce edge) to make into a shirt for dd that has white milk splatters on it and says in hot pink letters "milk addict". So I ordered that yarn to go with it and ordered black for trim and then got to thinking that hot pink might be far prettier since the shirt is black. What do you all think?

I'm also going to be starting a pair of socks for dh -my first pair of real socks for an adult - not baby socks LOL. But those have to be done in secret when he's at work and kids are asleep!
I'm sure during nap time for youngers dh will take the olders to the water park so I can work on his socks then.

I need to decide what yarn tonight for longie though so I can wind it and take it with me!

I'm finishing up the strap for a booga bag right now and will felt it tonight! It's for my best friend's daughter for her birthday!

I joined up too :)

My name is Amanda, and I'm Mumma to 6 and 1/2 lil people :)

My kidlets are aged 15 yrs DD, 13 yr DS, 12 yrs DS, 5 yrs DS, 4 yrs DD and 3 yrs DD....none of whome are in nappies( dipes) anymore of course! lol I am due to have another lil bundle on November 20th...another lil blue bubba :) I will be making him some longies....I will be using my own pattern for them. Have yet to decide what yarn/colour etc

Another intro

Hi everyone,

I'm Chris and I'm looking forward to taking part in this KAL. I really need a diversion from the poncho I've been knitting for my eldest daughter over the past few weeks - I've reached that point where it feels like it's never getting any longer and boredom is setting in :-)

I'm going to be using the Sheepypants pattern to make a pair of longies for my 21 month-old son. I previously made a pair of shorties from the pattern using Malabrigo - here's a picture of them:

I picked up some Patons merino yesterday so I'm all set to get started tomorrow. In the meantime, I've got the rest of today to keep slogging away at that poncho...



HI All,

My name is Mel and I am a SAHM. We live in Melbourne, Australia. I am going to be making the sheepy pants pattern for our little 4 month old son - Thanks Mandie- Looking forward to receiving it so I can get started. I am going to be using Patons Jet as shown in the picture- Not sure what colourway as yet.

Nice to join you all, Regrads, Mel

Two down, six to go!!!

Okay, I just finished this pair of longies, but I'm not telling the mom yet, because she has a baby on the way, and I'm making a matching newborn longie as a surprise. I love this colorway, and my DD is going to have a pair from this yarn, too. I have to do the newborn longies, which I began tonight and I hope to finish before the official KAL begins on Monday. Then I have one to do with this yarn:
I love these colors, too. After these, I plan to do:
1. Chocolate colored longies with kisses on them
2. Hunter green longies with lace legs to make them more girly
3. Longies in the colorway above for my DD.
4. Veggietales longies for DD, who seems to have a huge thing for Larry.
No problem, right? RIGHT!?!?!?

Saturday, August 18

Hmmmm.... well.... hmmmmm...

Being the s l o w knitter that I am I started the KAL early. Figured I'd get part of the ribbing done by monday. Well. It's taken me a terrible amount of time to get 1.5 inches of ribbing done. 2x2 ribbing which I thought would be easier to remember than 1x1, if I was k-ing or p-ing... but it wasn't easier so I ended up with about 4 rows of actual ribbing. The rest is... looks like garter stitch. I was still going 2x2 so I was hoping that it would start to resemble ribbing again... but it's apparently not going to. It is, however, still stretchy. I wasn't willing to frog this little 1.5 inches that I spent hours on so... think it will be okay?
Did I mention that I hate ribbing. AND I have a new respect of you people that actually can get these done in a timely manner and sell them for less than a kazillion dollars. In fact I very well may be frequenting your lovely online shops in the coming months... and will definately put said shops on the gift registry for my grandchild. Because if he/she has to wait for ME to knit enough of these... bwwwaaahahahahaha. It could be awhile.
I have enjoyed it tho' (except for the hating ribbing part) and now the thought of short rows terrifies me. lol. But I'll muddle through I'm sure. :)

Have a great weekend every one!!

finished one pair!

now onto another pair!

Okay.. I couldn't resist.. I had to start mine today. Fantastic handspun.. I love it! Sorry the picture is so dark. Will make sure the next one is better.. LOL
Hugs, Lana

Friday, August 17

woo hoo!!

My needles that I ordered will be here on Monday!!! So I guess the only excuse I'll have for lagging behind will be my lack of knowledge and experience. ;)

Needles question

Hi, I bought by needles today, but they only had 11" circular needles and the pattern called for 12" for the legs.... Is this ok, or should I order a 12" online? Also I got a size 4 16" for the top, I may have to try to figure out the correct gauging adjustments. I may try to start tonight if I get a chance. I am using Peace Fleece even though I am not so thrilled with the roughness of it, but I already have it.

Thursday, August 16

About me

Hi all,
I am Lana. I am Mom to 4 wonderful daughters. They are 17, 14, 7 and 5. So.. i love to knit soakers, longies and just about anything wearable other than shawls.. LOL
I will be knitting for my website and have 2 custom orders. I will be using mainly handspun, but also some patons and peace fleece. Just got a shipment from knitpicks too. Gotta love the price and they do make good soakers.
Can't wait to start. This handspun is calling my name.. LOL Been feeling it all day. May have to start early..
hugs, Lana

Wednesday, August 15


Hi Everyone! My name is Veronica and I'll be making Sheepy Pants from Patons Merino. This is my first pair of longies. I've made soakers, but no longies. I chose the ribbed waist and casted on yesterday. My Joann's started carrying new colorways of the Patons, so I'm very excited with this color.

A little about me...I'm a mom to 3 girls, ages 16, 7, and 16 months (yes you read that right). I'm obviously making the longies for my youngest. I'm also a Managing Editor for a publishing company. I love both my jobs!

I started knitting a few years ago and I love it. I also sew, but I love that knitting is transportable. I can't wait to see everyones finished longies!


Hello everyone!! My name is Melanie and I know there's another Melanie here so I don't mind being referred to as Mel. ;) I also want to apologize in advance for any blogs that have typos, lowercases, etc.--I'm usually nursing or holding my 4 week old. :D

Anyway, this is my first project and I'm so excited to get started! I have my yarn (I'll have to take a pic later) but I don't have my needles yet. AHH!! I just ordered them from Joann's and probably won't get them til the middle of next week so I'll be behind you all because I'll get a late start. :-/Oh, I'll be using the sheepy pants pattern.

Tuesday, August 14


I'm Wendy and a very new knitter - I am using the Sheepypants pattern with Pattons wool. I am re-starting my first pair of longies, I ripped it all out yesterday when after my second set of short rows I had a hole and my purl stitch looked more like a ruffle - to bad these are for a boy. I am going to practice the purl stitch and hopefully be ready to start again this weekend.

Promise NO KAL Police?

I guess I got excited because I really want to do some longies, but I just started the Sheepy Sack pattern the other night. Although I think I will finish it very soon, I'm not sure I have any yarn I want to make some longies out of yet. I have a bunch of sock yarn I just bought to make for Christmas gifts, so I may be just reading the blog and following everyone else's progress! I really have to discipline myself or I would start 100 different projects and finish none of them...

Kool-aid Dyed yarn

Here is a pic of the yarn I plan on using. I'm going to use the Sheepy Pants with a little altering (just can't leave a pattern alone!). I dyed this yarn a couple days ago with dark cherry and grape Kool-Aid. I always feel like I have to explain to the cashier that I'm buying it for dying wool since I would never give it to my children but I don't think they care. I'm going to start once I finish up a pattern I've been working on (hopefully tonight). I'm in desperate need of longies since we are moving to North Dakota soon. I don't think I would ever get a chance to use them down here in Louisiana.


I just realized I've never done a ribbing before! I'm doing it on dpns and have directions for flat ribbing (in regard to bringing the yarn around through the needles for p)... is it the same as in the round with dpns??

Progress notes

This is the progress I made last night. I wanted to get the rise done, and I did, but I was too tired to take a pic then, so I'll post one when I'm done for the day today. I know the KAL doesn't begin until the 20th, but I thought I'd se what I could do before then.

Monday, August 13

Intro and ?

Hello everyone! I'm a beginning knitter and I'll be doing the Sheepy Pants pattern in a small size for my 1st g'child due in Jan. Thanks Mandie for the pattern and this site.
I got my sticks (I'll be doing it on dpns) and my yarn today! Yay! It was like Christmas. lol. (I don't get out much obviously!) I'm using Patons I think it's called... quickly shipped since there is no lys here.
On to my question: when we have... questions (and I'm confidant that I will) do we post the question here? or post it to the list?
Thanks again! ... I'm off to do a swatch test. :)
Robin in MO


I just started my second pair of Sheepy pants a few days ago with Malabrigo yarn for my 4 month old. I also have a pair of shorties to make out of Rustic Blues WWBN yarn for a neighbor (trying to get her hooked on wool)
I live in Montana and just started knitting about a month ago-

Full Plate

Hi. I'm Andrea. I own Baa-Baby Naturals, so most of my longies will be for my store. Here are some pictures of what I've got on my "list".

This is what is currently on my needles. Yummy "Donegan" on Merino from Three Irish Girls.

This is my "to-do list".... First up is some "Guinevere" by Mosaic Moon. I'll follow that with some "Strawberry Fields Forever" by Zen String. When those are done, my last custom (so far) will be "Elsbeth" by Three Irish Girls.

So much yarn, so little time!

Was that kind?

I just have to ask, was it really a good idea to create a blog? I just wondered because I came to read here, and of course I had to read everyone's blogs, and now naptime is almost over, and the lunch dishes are still not done. This might not be so good...but it is fun!

Which yarn?

Hi! I'm Mandie. Most of you probably know, I'm the designer of the Sheepy Pants pattern. I'm so extremely thrilled to see so many people enjoying it. Please don't feel any pressure though to use my pattern over any others. There's room for everyone :)

I'll be making some longies for my Etsy store. I can't decide which yarn to use. What do you think?

100purewool "Clay" I have a skein and a half, so just enough for newborn or small of these

Peace Fleece "Baghdad Blue" which is an impossible to photograph color, but this isn't bad. There are little flecks of purple in there.

These are all Cascade 220. I could use any combination of these. I like the gold and green together, they're both heathered. Not sure what pattern combination to use on them though.
These are all 100purewool 3 ply. I adore this yarn, it's *so* soft. I have enough of the blue for some nice big longies. The pink/yellow/blue one I do too, but it looks like spring to me, and since it's coming up on fall it doesn't speak to me as much. The light blue I adore that color. It looks like Tahiti.

So what do you think?

Intro - Hi everyone

Hi everyone! I'm Christi - I'll be working on several different patterns probably - along with trying to work on my first pair of socks. I hope to do the sheepy pants pattern for the first time. I have all of my dd's wool matched up with shirts here so I'm ready to go! I just have to finish a dress I'm crocheting for a lady first! Then knit a little felted bag for my best friends daughter for her birthday. Should be no problem to have both of those done by Sunday so that I can get started on Monday with everyone! The purse I'll probably just start and then let my oldest dd finish up since it's for her friend anyway and she knows how to knit now!
Looking forward to this!

Intro Mandy S

Hi, everyone! My name is Mandy, and I am trying to knit as many longies as I can for the knitalong, because I need the motivation to hurry. I'm using my own pattern, and several different yarns for various pair. I finished these yesterday. The yarn is Blackberry Ridge, the colorway is "Autumn Harvest"


Hi, this is my first pair of Longies. Using the Sheepy Pants pattern. I made a punk knitters soaker before, but that is it. It really doesn't fit her chubby legs all that well. I will also be using these as pants in the fall, and hopefully my babe will not grow out of them until next spring. This is also the first time I really blogged too. So lots of firsts.


I'm also going to be knitting my first pair of longies. I'm planning on using the Tinybirds free pattern with Patens Merino for my baby boy who is due in November. I think I'm going to use the denim color and make them look like blue jeans! I'm in Michigan so I figured that I'd use the longies as pants and making them like jeans would be cute! I don't have any soft wool yet, so I can't use any from my stash. Have to go buy some tomorrow.


Hi all

I'm Aundrea and this is the first pair of longies I am going to be knitting. I think I have the pattern picked out. Now I just need to adjust it for my big boy. I can't wait to start. I am going to pick out my yarn today from my stash.

First post

Hey. Looks like we're going to start a week from today (Monday 8/20). It's not a race though, so go at your own pace and post pictures when you want.

In the mean time feel free to post pics of your yarn or whatever else you want. I haven't decided what I'm going to make with the group yet.


(Oh, and if you want me to turn your name over on the list into a link and I haven't gotten it from your blogger profile, let me know...)