Wednesday, August 22

Sidetrack and Progress!

I realized that I was knitting my longies tighter than I did my guage swatch, so I was worried that my longies might end up being too small. I put it aside for a bit and worked on a different project. In doing that, I realized that I crochet tightly! (I've never crocheted anything that it mattered with before. ie. only toys, and not clothing!) My other 2 kids have had small feet, so hopefully their brother does too, or these won't fit him! They are 3.25" long and not super stretchy (being crochet). I got the pattern from an old Workbasket, but they were for tennis shoes and I wanted the "dressy" shoe, so I changed it! The picture is kind of dark, sorry.

Anyway, I checked with my mom and she thought that my longies would be big enough. I also dug out one of my newborn contour diapers and PUL wrap covers that I made and held the longies up to them. They look like they will work (unless of course William is a huge brute and then we're going to have other problems since his big sister got stuck coming out and she was only 8 pounds 2.5 ounces!) so I have continued on. This is my progress so far. Oh, since I'm doing the free flat Tinybirds longies, I decided to do both sides at the same time, so that they will end up the same!

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