Thursday, August 30

Been sidetracked!

Ugh, I still haven't finished a pair of longies yet though I have made 3 shorties and a soaker in the mean time. I'm still waiting on my yarn for the longies.

I have been a little busy though. Found out last week that I have skin cancer and have been averaging 2 doctor visits a day for the last week! I was able to get quite a bit of knitting done in the waiting room. Went in for surgery this morning and am just beginning to pull out of my drug induced stupor. Luckily we caught it at stage 1 so I won't need anything elso too extensive done. I'm full of holes, but cancer free! My new life moto is, "Wear your sunscreen!"

The pictures of all the longies everyone has done are great, such pretty colors! I can't wait to get mine started.


Me said...

don't worry about not getting longies done yet ... it is so hot here most of the year i will get to them when i get the shorties done i am working on ... i have one more pair like the pair i just finished to do and then two pair of purple/gold ones

praying your remain cancer free

abunchofus said...

Oh bless your heart! Will be praying for you! hope you recoup quickly! The emotional drain can be as tough as the physical sometimes! Get lots of rest! And as the other person said - don't worry about not getting any done yet - I haven't even started any myself!

she knits said...

HI Melanie,
So glad you caught it early. Thinking of you and sending love to you. I know what a shock it can be to hear the word cancer. My daughter was diagnosed last oct/nov and it has been a stressful time indeed. Try to take good care of yourself. Love Mel