Thursday, August 23

Little late getting started, what else is new :-)

hello All, I'm Loraine, 47 yr old mother of a 29 month old. Vincent Wesley "VW" as some of you know it my one and only child (and pregnancy) and I am lucky to have him. I am raising him on my own. Lucky him, right? heh

I have been debating what yarn to use, for whom to make them, etc. I'm having a difficult time making decisions right now. I decided to use an acrylic yarn as I have some waiting to be used in a fun colorway, reds and yellows, and I think I'll make them for my new niece coming anytime the paperwork is finished. She is arriving from Armenia, my youngest sister and BIL are adopting. Millicent Mary will be their second child. They have the every sweet and funnily named Mitchell Egan, Mitch Egan- say it fast and you know where his dad grew up and went to college. Yes, they're all M's, first and last name. When Marty married Margaret Mary, well, I think that's one reason he married her- she was taking his name and is MMM now. So, Milly will be MMM as well. Her name now is Lilet, which I love, but it's a no go.

So, I think I'll make a Large Sheepy Pants and if the boy can wear them, fine, if not, little ms. can wear them at some time. They live in MS so hard to decide what to give them. I think I'm convincing myself not to make them for the M family now. HAH

Be catching up soon, I hope. I am trying to finish this one sock I've been working on, the pair, for a year. My poor VW :-) I'm not sure they'll fit now. Oh, well, Milly is always there for leftovers. Maybe my new nephew Bradon?? See, can't make up my mind.

loraine and
vincent wesley "VW"
I'm 29 months old now!!

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