Sunday, August 26

Gotta Question Mandie...

I'll post a pic later of my progress... I ended up frogging the ribbing twice and finally the third time did it correctly (yay me!) but ended up with a little too much ribbing which I'm okay with. (I'm using the Sheepy Pants pattern btw)
I knitted the pants on the larger needles... and am to the terrifying short rows which will have to wait until tomorrow anyway when I can concentrate on them. BUT my question is... Just before the short rows and after the ribbing the pattern says to knit regular until pants are 2 inches. Does that 2 inch measurement just come from the pants part just below the ribbing to needles? I guess an easier way to say it would be: that 2 inch measurement doesn't include the ribbing correct?
So it would be:
ribbing: 1.5 inches (mine is more like 2)
Knit: 2 inches
then short rows.
Is that right? -- just wanna make sure I'm understanding before I continue b/c knitting is soooo hard to frog partially. Crochet yes, knitting not so much.
Robin - who is making progress but slowly. :)


Melanie said...

I wondered the same thing but the pattern says "Until the *pants* measure 2"..." I would think if it was 2" after the ribbing it would read "knit for 2"..." or something like that. But what do I know?? LOL This is my first project.

Oh and btw, the short rows aren't that hard!!! I did it the way Mandie shows on her blog (link is in the pattern) and it's easy!!

Knit Wit said...

Melanie's right, it's from the top of the pants.

I can't emphasize enough how much the location of the short rows doesn't matter, though ;) I am forever forgetting to start them soon enough because I just kept on going, or sometimes I have a design on the top of my pants and don't want to interrupt it so I intentionally move the short rows around. In the finished garment you can't really even tell where they are, and you have to move them up or down pretty far before you can see a difference in the shape. In fact I nearly wrote the pattern "put in short rows evenly spaced on the back" or something like that, but I knew there were a lot of knitters who are uncomfortable without having specific directions (as I was when I was a newer knitter), so I wrote in some numbers, but they are just a guideline.

You must be making the newborn size? They are fairly short anyway so there just isn't all that much space that doesn't have short rows in those, which is why the short rows come so soon. But if you like you can make your ribbing higher and add 1/2 inch to all the rise measurements from here on out. It's not a bad way to go because then you can fold down the ribbing on a new baby and when they grow you have more rise.


Robin said...

Okay, that helps. lol. At least I'm okay and they will fit longer this way at any rate so that's a plus. :)
I work a seasonal job and we just started back to work so I probably won't get back to this until saturday unfortunately. So I'll go over your comments again and see where I need to pick up and then try the short rows... lol. Thanks Melanie for the encouragement that it's not that hard. Just something that you need to just do b/c I sure can't wrap my brain around it just reading it.
Thanks for the help!!