Tuesday, August 21

I will post a progress pic tomorrow. I finished the top portion, but I do have a question for Mandy. On the sheepy pants pattern, it says to knit plain until pants are about 2.5" long (for Med) on the short row section and to Measure from the purl round if using the internal drawstring (I too hate ribbing, so I opted for a simpler top.) But it is already just under 3" already without starting the short row section, (since I added 14 K rows), so do I just start the first section of short rows from this point? TIA.


Knit Wit said...

Yes, just put the short rows in now.

I really only put measurements on there because some people need specifics, but I often move them around, like because I went a little farther than I meant to, or because I had a pattern at the top that I didn't want to interrupt with short rows. It really doesn't make much difference at all.

Anonymous said...

Ok, thanks. I will begin the short rows, first time for them so it should be interesting!