Monday, August 27

My progress

Here's what I've done so far:

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I was going to make longies but I think these will end up being shorties or capris because it's only 1 3.5 oz. skein.

I'm stuck right now until Mandie can help me with my gusset error. LOL

I did a ribbed waist after ripping out my attempt at a drawstring waist. Ribbed is much easier. I couldn't figure out the thumb cast on that's needed for the drawstring waist. BUT short rows aren't as hard as everyone seems to think they are!! I followed Mandie's tutorial on her blog and it was easy. THANK YOU Mandie for writing that tutorial!!

This just points to how weird I am. LOL The simple things (like switching to larger needles and the thumb cast on) I find difficult but a "hard" thing such as short rows are easy!! *sigh*

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loraine said...

Ah, Melanie, join the club. I can do difficult things but simple things are much harder. I subscribe to my theory that geniuses can't get the small stuff so I think we are both geniuses. :-)