Thursday, August 23

The craziest knitter you'll ever meet!

Ok, so I'm experimenting with my own creation, knit from the bottom, gusseted crotch, shaped bottom, oh la la. I finish it up with more yarn left over than I anticipated and got the great idea to make the legs longer. But, since it is knit from the bottom up, I can't just pull out the hem and make it longer. So I get the bright idea to just cut off the hem, pick up the stitches and knit a few more inches. I took pictures. Those of you faint of heart, don't watch!


she knits said...

HI Melanie,
That was a great idea. How are they going?
How do you make it post pictures like that?
Well dont they look great.
Regards, Mel

Melanie said...

I'm actually starting them completely over right now! I use to host all my pictures and you can make slide shows. I find it a lot easy to make a slide show than to put up 5 pictures.