Sunday, August 19

Off for a few days

Well dh is taking us to a nearby hotel that has an indoor waterpark for a few days. We'll leave tomorrow and be back home Wed sometime. I'll probably start working on some longies while we are there. I have no idea what yarn or colorway yet. I'm expecting a huge box from a recent coop tomorrow before we head out! 9lbs!!!!! That's some serious yarn! 14 skeins of 3ply purewool. I had ordered a couple skeins of the hot pink and black and I got to thinking last night that I sure wished I had ordered some solid hot pink to do for trim on them! I have the most adorable little black onesie (that I'm going to crop and lettuce edge) to make into a shirt for dd that has white milk splatters on it and says in hot pink letters "milk addict". So I ordered that yarn to go with it and ordered black for trim and then got to thinking that hot pink might be far prettier since the shirt is black. What do you all think?

I'm also going to be starting a pair of socks for dh -my first pair of real socks for an adult - not baby socks LOL. But those have to be done in secret when he's at work and kids are asleep!
I'm sure during nap time for youngers dh will take the olders to the water park so I can work on his socks then.

I need to decide what yarn tonight for longie though so I can wind it and take it with me!

I'm finishing up the strap for a booga bag right now and will felt it tonight! It's for my best friend's daughter for her birthday!

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