Monday, August 13

Intro and ?

Hello everyone! I'm a beginning knitter and I'll be doing the Sheepy Pants pattern in a small size for my 1st g'child due in Jan. Thanks Mandie for the pattern and this site.
I got my sticks (I'll be doing it on dpns) and my yarn today! Yay! It was like Christmas. lol. (I don't get out much obviously!) I'm using Patons I think it's called... quickly shipped since there is no lys here.
On to my question: when we have... questions (and I'm confidant that I will) do we post the question here? or post it to the list?
Thanks again! ... I'm off to do a swatch test. :)
Robin in MO

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Knit Wit said...

It's up to you guys if you want to post questions here or to the list. I wanted to have a place where all the pictures could go at least. But I really have no preference for the rest.