Sunday, August 19

Two down, six to go!!!

Okay, I just finished this pair of longies, but I'm not telling the mom yet, because she has a baby on the way, and I'm making a matching newborn longie as a surprise. I love this colorway, and my DD is going to have a pair from this yarn, too. I have to do the newborn longies, which I began tonight and I hope to finish before the official KAL begins on Monday. Then I have one to do with this yarn:
I love these colors, too. After these, I plan to do:
1. Chocolate colored longies with kisses on them
2. Hunter green longies with lace legs to make them more girly
3. Longies in the colorway above for my DD.
4. Veggietales longies for DD, who seems to have a huge thing for Larry.
No problem, right? RIGHT!?!?!?

1 comment:

abunchofus said...

Gorgeous! what a sweet gift for the mom to be!

Love that turq/brown yarn!