Tuesday, August 14

Promise NO KAL Police?

I guess I got excited because I really want to do some longies, but I just started the Sheepy Sack pattern the other night. Although I think I will finish it very soon, I'm not sure I have any yarn I want to make some longies out of yet. I have a bunch of sock yarn I just bought to make for Christmas gifts, so I may be just reading the blog and following everyone else's progress! I really have to discipline myself or I would start 100 different projects and finish none of them...

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Knit Wit said...

Yeah I have a tendency to keep lots of projects going at once. I used to feel really guilty about this but now I have come to accept it as my nature, and as long as I don't get TOO many going at once I'm really quite happy with it. Sometimes you need something cool and interesting, sometimes you need stockinette. Sometimes it needs to be big and warm, sometimes it needs to fit in your purse :) Sometimes you just gotta start something Right. Now.