Friday, August 24

Sheepypants longies finished!

HI all,

I finished my 1st pair of sheepypants last night and Logan obliged to wake up and try them on as he got dressed for bed. They just need some lanolising now. I don't know whether to make another pair the same size or make some next size up? Or do I make some shorties ready for summer as it feels like spring today! I'll have to have a hunt in the stash and see what inspires me.
Regards, Mel


Heather said...

Congrats those look great. What a fast knitter you are.

she knits said...

Thanks Heather,
I am not that fast, I just tried to do it whilst feeding and whenever I had even 5 minutes as I was so excited to have the pattern and get started! I have been finishing off my daughters blanket and trying to pick up stitches to add ribbing to a couple of pairs of soakers and made very little progress since-lol. I need to pick out my next colourway for another pair as it is still cold here in Australia, Although today is pretending it's Spring.
Kind Regards, Mel