Saturday, November 3

Started a new pair of longies tonight

Hi all,
I finally found some time to start a new pair, not a lot done so far as knitting whilst breastfeeding so I have only got to past the 1st short row. I am doing another pair of sheepypants with the enclosed elastic waist as I really like how they sit on bubby. I am using some 12 ply cream 85% merino and 15$ angora from bendigo woollen mills, so hopefully they will be nice.
Has anyone else got anything on the needles at the moment?
Kind regards, Mel

Charlie gets another new pair

Peruvian wool dyed by Lacey of Jelly Beans
Colorway named Blue Eyed Jersey Cow
Sheepy Pants pattern Size XL w/11 inch inseam

Tuesday, October 30

Great job to all

Hi all,
I don't have time to individually post, but wow are there some fantastic longies happening here. Amazing. They are all super wonderful and wanted to let you all know that you are doing a great job.

Saturday, October 27

Charlie's new longies

here they are ... i did these w/lions wool ... i am not happy w/the way the color change is in the back middle ... will have to work on that next time

Thursday, October 25

Further Observations Making Longies

Another observation looking at the picture of the longies I made. If you look at the legs, they sort of match due to making them at the same time on a long circular needle. I hadn't noticed until recently. Thought it was cool.

Thursday, October 18

Sheepy pants Longies finished !

Hi all,

I finished these on the 13th of October, I have had trouble getting blogger to upload pics but trying again. They look great and they fit nice with the basketweave hems turned up and should fit for a while and it they felt shorter they'll still fit too-lol. Hope you like them as much as I do.

Regards, Mel

Wednesday, October 10

that pic was Awful!

ok ladies - sorry but that last pic was just plain terrible - and I don't know how to edit it! so trying this again!

My first Sheepy Pants!

I did it! I finished the sheepy pants! Just in time for it to turn cool here! our high today is mid 60's. I know - some of you are thinkg "that's shorts weather". Well not for this southern girl! I have to say I love our new home and the scenery and even the snow and cold weather (which the snow has not gotten here YET!) but I'm not a cold weather girl! I stay indoors when it's cold LOL - or I at least bundle up a lot! When it reaches mid 60's I'm already in jeans, long sleeve shirt, and a light jacket! Anyway - that was a rabbit trail - I finished dd's longies! I am very pleased with the colorway and how it knit up! Mandie's pattern was awesome and the pattern support is beyond words! guess you'd all like me to shush and show you the longies huh!

well here ya go!
I also finished up a tester pattern for a crocheted pair of longies.
Now I'm working on another tester pattern for some knit longies! I'm using Paton's Classic Merino in the "Retro" colorway! I really like how this colorway knitted up in the swatch! These will be for my best friend's 2 yr old little man! He wants some longies like his baby brother!

Tuesday, October 9

Making some progress on sheepypants

Hi, Just a quick update picture so you can see how my yarn is patterning. I am up to the kitchener and split for legs, Logan has grown so much recently his last sheepypants look short today- seriously tossing up between unpicking the hems and adding some length or letting them morph into shorties/capris? I am enjoying making these, but children just started term 4 of school and I need to do some catchup work on the house before my ravelry invite arrives and I am lost for a while.

Regards, Mel

Saturday, October 6

"Pacifico" PW newborn longies set

These are going to my SIL in New Zealand that just had a baby boy. I've never made a newborn pair before...they are so cute and small!

Friday, October 5

New wool arrived


I have been waiting on this wool I ordered as I really wanted to try some wool which patterns like you gals all have so I ordered this hand painted yarn and now I am starting to wind it so I can get started on a new pair of longies.

Regards, Mel

Wednesday, October 3


I'm so inspired with everyone's posts! I haven't been able to start on any longies yet because I'm waiting on a Pure Wool order. :( But until it arrives, I'm trying to finish up some other projects - a pair of socks for my husband and an afghan for this winter! But thanks again for all the great pictures because I can't wait to make some longies for my little granddaughter!

finished longies

finished up the Malbrigo longies with ruffles and also a pair in 3ply PW that I dyed.
Now I am working on a pair of newborn sheepy pants in Pacifico PW for my SIL's new baby boy.

Tuesday, October 2

I've hit a wall.

Wow, I seem to be in a funk. I had set a goal of working on one garment a week and given that I'm due December 7th that should give me a nice little stash. I started in August, and was clipping along fairly well. It usually only takes me a day or two for the knitting, but finding that time over the week has been hard. And harder still is making sure I do all the finishing bits like weaving in ends.

Well last week I went for broke! I ended up with another pair of SheepyPants:

Another CurlyPurly soaker:

And I made up two of Mandy's hats (so adorable). But I haven't touched the needles since Friday. I don't know if I've hit a wall with knitting baby clothes, or if I need to branch out to new patterns, or what is going on, so tonight I picked up something completely different and we'll see if a change is as good as a rest.

Thursday, September 27

Longies on VW

update 10/02/07: Found the third picture I had been looking for to show VW's sweet face
Can't get the picture to be next to the others so I'll just take up space again. :-/
Wanted to add here that I made the legs at the same time with the large circular method. Love having them made a the same time. When you're finished with one, you're basically finished with the other at almost the same moment. Ahhhh.......
As promised, here are a couple more pictures of the acrylic longies made with lettuce edging, ribbed waistband with drawstring holes, too. Vincent Wesley graciously tried them on and likes them. My little thin guy fits into the Sheepy Pants pattern well. These are a large and VW is 2.5 and around 27/28 lbs. now, half as high as his 4' 10" Mama. He says he likes his pants and wanted to wear them the other day over a pair of wool soakers and big night time diaper. heh Told him maybe the next day as he had enough on already. He said, "Okay." Too cute.

Vincent Wesley is sporting an organic cotton/hemp t-shirt that drapes so nicely- love that fabric as it wears and cleans well and is great for the environment. I folded it up so one can see the longies better. Still having a hard time getting a really good picture of them- color, stitch definition, etc. My hippie child, but that goes with a mama born in 1960.

I've almost finished a pair of newborn longies to match. I had yarn left so thought I'd make a pair of newborn ones as well. Too cute and so small. I thought "How small" then thought "But VW was much smaller with no buns, no waist, and at newborn time, no thighs..." He's only added chunky thighs. Will get picks of those soon. The newborn longies, not the chunky thighs. :-) Don't know if one can see the little twisted cord small bows on each side of the drawstring. Extra twisted cord makes for invention/ideas. I threaded them through one eyelet of the drawstring and part of the ribbing at an angle. Looks cute.

I find the Sheepy Pants pattern to be more for thinner babies. Anyone else finding that? I don't think my gauge is off. The measurements, esp. when one checks gauge- not my favorite thing to do, are true to what the pattern says, and this is also esp. for a worsted/DK weight yarn. I've been reading about the classifications of weight of yarns and it's very interesting.

The "wrench" that VW is holding is connected to a boomba/balloon which was given to him by an Office Depot person at one of their stores that just opened. One of the helium ones, all red, matching "his" longies well. He was thrilled and carried it around almost constantly for two days until it deflated almost to the floor, even taking it in the bathtub with him.I let him take it to bed with him but removed it shortly after for safety. Boomba/balloons are his second favorite toy next to water. Yeh, cheap kid, uhhhh....... inexpensive toys.

Wednesday, September 26

Stash enhancement- 1 soaker finished already!

Well, I bought this yarn yesterday and as stated in reply to a comment, it was talking to me begging me to knit! I had bubby in my arms and just picked up the wool and needles, had no pattern and just played with it, this is the result. I cast on too wide so the side seams-yes I knitted it flat. are along the front and I also picked up a crochet hook( I dont crochet!) and I don't know what stitch it is but it looks ok and is the same all the way round, so I have a fully complete soaker in just a few hours, all done whilst holding Logan- I was truly desperate to knit-LOL. I am not sure whether to add a drawstring or not, but I had yarn left, so I could and this is like a medium/large?

Tuesday, September 25

Stash enhancement therapy-AKA shopping!!!

Hi all, I had to go into the big smoke for a Drs appointment today so I made sure to leave nice and early and hop the tram into the wool store and lo and behold they had sale stock- So I just HAD to buy some-lol.

Longie and soaker fodder galore. I love the green but only 2 skeins so whether it will be enough for a small sheepy pants with contrast trim I dont know, other wise it will be a soaker.

Kind regards, Mel

(who is desperate for a quiet home day tomorrow so I can knit!

Monday, September 24

First Pair of Longies, DONE!

Wahoo!!! Here are my first finished Longies, I love them!!! I made the Sheepy Pants pattern size Medium. The yarn I used was Malabrigo Chunky, colorway Noveimbre number 275. I did the elastic enclosure waistband and seed stitch cuffs. Oh, and I also used pink Peace Fleece for the waistband. I love this pattern and will be casting on for more very soon. A very quick and easy knit.

No longies, but another new soaker

Hi all,

Well I finally finished another soaker for Logan. These have quite a high rise as the pure wool I used has felted quite short on previous soakers-hence the need for more. I can get going on some more longies now these are done, well after I finish his little vest I am making and his all in one long leg and long sleeve footed suit.

Sunday, September 23

Finally finished.. These are my Belladonna longies. They turned out really cute. I did a basic seed stitch cuff and love them. I wish I had made them a bit longer, but.. Cute regardless. The leg patterning is awesome. Not bad for a first koolaid dye job.. LOL

Wednesday, September 19

Latest longies - and an outfit!

I couldn't help but add a little bit of bragging to this post *g*, I've completed my second pair of longies, in Patons Classic Wool, colour Blueberry, but I added a jacket this time! It is the Baby Albert, from Sally Melville's The Knit Stitch (a teeny Einstein jacket):

I am having so much fun with these pants! Next up I think I will be doing some really girly ruffled pants in this Galway Paint colourway (525):

Sunday, September 16

girly Malabrigo longies

Here are the girly ones I am working on- using malabrigo in the Melilla colorway.

Saturday, September 15

Longies & Pinwheel blanket

Well all I finally finished the longies for my friend. I also knit some of the LTK Felted Mocs. They're in the wash felting right now! The yarn is Tykie Knits Dark Koi Pond. They were knit with the Picky Pant pattern. I was going to use Sheepy Pants on my next project when I had to start these so now I'll be starting Sheepy Pants in the next day or so! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Here are the felted mocs - prior to felting.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Finally - my dd's pinwheel blanket. This is from yarn that I dyed using rose petals from roses my dh gave me for my birthday just a few days after dd was born. I wasn't sure whether to knit longies or this blanket. I'm so glad that I chose the blanket! This is something she can put on a coffee or end table when she's older if she chooses.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

and the roses that I used to dye the yarn with:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

so off to start some new longies for dd as it has turned quite chilly here the last few days! It was 37 degrees this morning around 7 a.m. However, it's supposed to be 89 one day this next week!

dh is also still asking when I'm going to make him some socks!

Friday, September 14


Hi everyone! I am new to this kal! My name is Kim and I live in Utah. I am currently knitting my first pair of longies! I have done a lot of soakers, but everytime I do longies, I get messed up on the legs and frog them. I will do these though! I am using the Sheepy Time pattern and love it. I have 2 skeins of Malabrigo Chunky in the Noviembre colorway that I am using. This won't be enough and I am on a big yarn diet, so I am using some pink Peace Fleece (I don't know the colorway, it was from my sil's stash) for the waistband and leg cuffs. I hope it turns out as cute as I have it visioned in my head ;)
Anyway, there is what I have done so far :) I look forward to getting to know you all and seeing all the great Longies!

finished "Lochness Meets Yoshi"

so happy with the way these turned out. Next is a pair out of Malabrigo for a little girl. Will be my first time time trying ruffles!

Not longies, but knit...

I haven't made much progress on longies, here's why.

I have written this pattern, and I need someone to test knit for me. My blog is on the side, let me know if you'd like a free pattern to test.

Thursday, September 13

No longies, but a new soaker

I want to make longies, but I needed soakers first.
So, I have been working at these for a while, I finished them all but the leg cuffs and so they sat until I could get a few minutes to pick up the stitches. I can knit with bub in arms but I find picking up stitches neatly without being able to see them properly over Logan in his wrap sling a bit difficult. Especially with 4 needles-lol. They are in DK Cleckheatons machine wash crepe as I had it in my stash!

Wednesday, September 12

Finished my first pair of longies!! Yeah!!

Have finished my first pair of longies: Sheepy Pants pattern, large, with lettuce edging, and Red Heart Super Saver (Classic) Yarn Sunshine Print, 100% acrylic.
Photo from here:
The photo of the yarn skein has better color. I don't know why I can't get good color with my little Kodak EasyShare but it's very difficult. Color of the longie photos are way off.

Well, I'm not sure how to get these pictures to sit next to each other so I'll just take up the space. :-) I'll try to get better pcitures and the tiny little addition that made them even cuter. The reds are deeper and pink isn't quite as pink, etc. I remember reading somewhere about their being some kind of filter on the cameras that messes with the red colorings so that's probably why it gets such crummy color. Wish I had a girl. Maybe I'll try them on Vincent Wesley and take a picture. I don't think that will scar him for life at all. He'll be adorable in them. He says they are "pwitty."
Can you tell which picture is the front and which is the back? I didn't think one would be able to, but it is barely discernible.

later gators, loraine

Monday, September 10

I started a new pair last night. These are the Belladona longies. Love the waistband. These are out of hand dyed patons wool. I used Koolaid for these ones. Kind of neat how the leg patterned like that. Never dyed wool before. LOL

Will post a finished picture when i get them done. I do not like the gusset on these. I will have to patch a couple holes in the gusset, but no biggie. My neice will never know. LOL

And on we go...

I finished the Mosaic Moon Longies.
I'm on to two customs with the 3 Irish Girls 'Tierney' colorway. One person wanted orange trim - the other blue trim, so I do get some variation! The orange trimmed one will also have a matching hat to go with it. This is what I got done last night:

I've had to put the Zenstring 'Strawberry Fields' on hold for now. They are for my youngest, so its ok if she has to wait for a bit :) After the 3IG longies, I'll be doing a custom with some yarn dyed by Alfabette Zoope. Not sure what the colorway is, but I'm doing a trade for a YYMN spot and the momma is having the yarn sent directly to me. Should be fun!

Total Count: 2 down; 4 to go!
I finally finished these.

We've been so busy, and I just haven't been able to get to my needles as often as I need to. But now I have big motivation to hurry...I got a spinning wheel!!! I love it, and I could spin until my legs and right elbow hate me, but I'm trying not to go crazy until I get used to it. I'm knitting pilot cap testers like I have an unhealthy obsession with covering babies' heads. I'm also knitting the first of my daughters wool stash. We live in TX, and usually winter is about four days in Feb, but it's been weird weather lately, and I want to be ready incase we have more cold weather than usual. I got this yarn from a coop, and dyed it myself, the colorway is called "Elizabeth"

(After my daugter, of course) I have the longies done waist to crotch, and I'm picking up stitches for the legs as soon as I finish two more caps. This is the first time I've used corridale, and I love it. It feels good, it knits beautifully, and the fabric feels so soft and has a beautiful sheen. I definately need more of this.

Sunday, September 9

Lana's Longies

Well I have finally taken pictures of the Sheepypants I just finished. Another pair of longies on the needles. LOL I love knitting these. My sister is going to love me when she gets this next package. 3 longies and 2 soakers.. Gotta love it.

These ones are a bit long in the rise, but seem to be great on Hallie.
rise= 20 inches
hips= 16 inches
inseam= 9.5 inches
Not sure what size you would call them, I just call them cute.. LOL

Almost finished my first pair of longies!!!

I've been working diligently on my first pair of longies. Decided on the acrylic yarn in the reds/yellow/orange/pink color I have had forever and they are looking nice. Am doing a lettuce edge- my first time with this, also. I've done ruffled but not lettuce. Since it's only VW and I, I keep asking Vincent Wesley, "Do you like these pants?" and he keeps answering a resounding, "Yea!" This kid must be mine. :-)

Will try to post pictures but not sure if camera has enough juice for more pictures.

Sheepy Pants pattern, large, with lettuce edging, and Red Heart Super Saver Yarn Sunshine Print. I'm always amazed how different it is to do needlework with natural fibers and then with plastic "fibers."

Photo from here:

Continental knitting observation: trying to learn this but is it right that the right hand needle, doing it as a right hander, is "scraping" the left forefinger with each stitch? If so, I don't know how people do it unless the finger toughens up like in guitar playing. :-)

later gators, loraine

Friday, September 7

Favorite Yarns?

It's sure quiet - everyone must be knitting knitting (not me...I'm still waiting on a trade)! Anyway, I thought I'd post with the following question: What are your favorite yarns with which to knit longies?

Feel free to flash them for all to see or link us there!

BTW...I don't have a favorite - yet!


Tuesday, September 4

Anyone want Manos?

Hey all!! My name is Stephanie and I'm new here. I hope I can ask this question so here goes:

Does anyone want 2 skeins of Manos Del Uruguay 111 Eclipse? Okay, I'm sure you'll do (it's fabulous) BUT here's the kicker - I want to trade it for 2 skeins 100PureWool in girly colors!

I want to knit my first pair of longies out of 100PureWool but am short on cash so thought someone might be up for a simple straight across trade!

Let me know in the comments if you're interested and thanks!


First Longies - done!

I'm on a quest to do a garment a week until my due date - December 7. I love being able to get these done so quickly, now I just have to hope that they are going to fit!


I used the leftover yarn (Patons - Good Earth colourway) to finish a pair of Curly Purly soakers:

I'm on a roll