Sunday, September 9

Almost finished my first pair of longies!!!

I've been working diligently on my first pair of longies. Decided on the acrylic yarn in the reds/yellow/orange/pink color I have had forever and they are looking nice. Am doing a lettuce edge- my first time with this, also. I've done ruffled but not lettuce. Since it's only VW and I, I keep asking Vincent Wesley, "Do you like these pants?" and he keeps answering a resounding, "Yea!" This kid must be mine. :-)

Will try to post pictures but not sure if camera has enough juice for more pictures.

Sheepy Pants pattern, large, with lettuce edging, and Red Heart Super Saver Yarn Sunshine Print. I'm always amazed how different it is to do needlework with natural fibers and then with plastic "fibers."

Photo from here:

Continental knitting observation: trying to learn this but is it right that the right hand needle, doing it as a right hander, is "scraping" the left forefinger with each stitch? If so, I don't know how people do it unless the finger toughens up like in guitar playing. :-)

later gators, loraine

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Lana said...

To bad I can't see the picture, but I love that colorway.. Bet they are cute..