Thursday, September 27

Longies on VW

update 10/02/07: Found the third picture I had been looking for to show VW's sweet face
Can't get the picture to be next to the others so I'll just take up space again. :-/
Wanted to add here that I made the legs at the same time with the large circular method. Love having them made a the same time. When you're finished with one, you're basically finished with the other at almost the same moment. Ahhhh.......
As promised, here are a couple more pictures of the acrylic longies made with lettuce edging, ribbed waistband with drawstring holes, too. Vincent Wesley graciously tried them on and likes them. My little thin guy fits into the Sheepy Pants pattern well. These are a large and VW is 2.5 and around 27/28 lbs. now, half as high as his 4' 10" Mama. He says he likes his pants and wanted to wear them the other day over a pair of wool soakers and big night time diaper. heh Told him maybe the next day as he had enough on already. He said, "Okay." Too cute.

Vincent Wesley is sporting an organic cotton/hemp t-shirt that drapes so nicely- love that fabric as it wears and cleans well and is great for the environment. I folded it up so one can see the longies better. Still having a hard time getting a really good picture of them- color, stitch definition, etc. My hippie child, but that goes with a mama born in 1960.

I've almost finished a pair of newborn longies to match. I had yarn left so thought I'd make a pair of newborn ones as well. Too cute and so small. I thought "How small" then thought "But VW was much smaller with no buns, no waist, and at newborn time, no thighs..." He's only added chunky thighs. Will get picks of those soon. The newborn longies, not the chunky thighs. :-) Don't know if one can see the little twisted cord small bows on each side of the drawstring. Extra twisted cord makes for invention/ideas. I threaded them through one eyelet of the drawstring and part of the ribbing at an angle. Looks cute.

I find the Sheepy Pants pattern to be more for thinner babies. Anyone else finding that? I don't think my gauge is off. The measurements, esp. when one checks gauge- not my favorite thing to do, are true to what the pattern says, and this is also esp. for a worsted/DK weight yarn. I've been reading about the classifications of weight of yarns and it's very interesting.

The "wrench" that VW is holding is connected to a boomba/balloon which was given to him by an Office Depot person at one of their stores that just opened. One of the helium ones, all red, matching "his" longies well. He was thrilled and carried it around almost constantly for two days until it deflated almost to the floor, even taking it in the bathtub with him.I let him take it to bed with him but removed it shortly after for safety. Boomba/balloons are his second favorite toy next to water. Yeh, cheap kid, uhhhh....... inexpensive toys.


she knits said...

This is one gorgeous boy and the longies are fab too. I look forward to seeing the cute tiny pair. Maybe the colour will show up better in the small pair? Kind regards, Mel

Neeroc said...

How cute is he? Those longies look great.

abunchofus said...

I want to preface this by saying that I absolutely LOVE Mandie's pattern. It is fantastic and is definitely the best bang for your buck! And she is sooooooo super helpful! the rest of this is just my personal observation.

Yes, I too find the sizing to run smaller. That makes sense - Mandie's is 5spi, and for instance, the LTK picky pants is 4.5 spi.

A small in Mandie's calls for a cast on of 64 stitches (with an 8 stitch increase) for a total of 72 stitches divided by 5 stitches per inch = 14.4 inches for the small in the hips.

The picky pants calls for a cast-on of 68 with an increase to 76 stitches total divided by 4.5 stitches per inch = 16.88 inches.

That is almost 2 1/2 inches difference in the hip area.

She also states in her pattern that it has a lower rise than many others. I think from now on I will go up a size on her pattern. Or I will knit it at a 4.5 spi instead of 5spi.

loraine said...

Great observations. I, too, love the pattern- it's presentation, it's proportions are spot on, love the color coding (ah, modern science-computers), great pattern. I learned to go by measurements because everyone is so different anyway. With diapers I really learned to go by measurements because I have a slightly oddly shaped kid w/VW having the chunk only in the thigh.

Rule of thumb: go by measurements.

Great math!! Not my favorite subject but I did have to teach it. heh Really shows what I am saying, though.

loraine said...

Thanks for the compliments on VW. I'm partial to him, but he is cute. He's as good as he is cute as well. I'm very lucky.

Such an experience knitting w/acrylic yarn again compared to natural fibers.