Wednesday, September 12

Finished my first pair of longies!! Yeah!!

Have finished my first pair of longies: Sheepy Pants pattern, large, with lettuce edging, and Red Heart Super Saver (Classic) Yarn Sunshine Print, 100% acrylic.
Photo from here:
The photo of the yarn skein has better color. I don't know why I can't get good color with my little Kodak EasyShare but it's very difficult. Color of the longie photos are way off.

Well, I'm not sure how to get these pictures to sit next to each other so I'll just take up the space. :-) I'll try to get better pcitures and the tiny little addition that made them even cuter. The reds are deeper and pink isn't quite as pink, etc. I remember reading somewhere about their being some kind of filter on the cameras that messes with the red colorings so that's probably why it gets such crummy color. Wish I had a girl. Maybe I'll try them on Vincent Wesley and take a picture. I don't think that will scar him for life at all. He'll be adorable in them. He says they are "pwitty."
Can you tell which picture is the front and which is the back? I didn't think one would be able to, but it is barely discernible.

later gators, loraine


Neeroc said...

Those are very hipster - even if the colours are off a bit. I've got to try something other than the seed stitch cuff.

loraine said...

Thank you. I haven't tried a seed stitch cuff and was thinking of doing one next. Heh, great minds think alike, only this time, twisted 'round. :-)