Monday, September 10

And on we go...

I finished the Mosaic Moon Longies.
I'm on to two customs with the 3 Irish Girls 'Tierney' colorway. One person wanted orange trim - the other blue trim, so I do get some variation! The orange trimmed one will also have a matching hat to go with it. This is what I got done last night:

I've had to put the Zenstring 'Strawberry Fields' on hold for now. They are for my youngest, so its ok if she has to wait for a bit :) After the 3IG longies, I'll be doing a custom with some yarn dyed by Alfabette Zoope. Not sure what the colorway is, but I'm doing a trade for a YYMN spot and the momma is having the yarn sent directly to me. Should be fun!

Total Count: 2 down; 4 to go!

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