Friday, September 7

Favorite Yarns?

It's sure quiet - everyone must be knitting knitting (not me...I'm still waiting on a trade)! Anyway, I thought I'd post with the following question: What are your favorite yarns with which to knit longies?

Feel free to flash them for all to see or link us there!

BTW...I don't have a favorite - yet!



she knits said...

HI Stephanie,
I have only made some in DK bendigo woollen mills pure wool and they are great and in Patons Jet with is a 10 ply/Aran wool/Alpaca bleand and they zare fantastic.
Good luck finding a favourite. I have just finished a soaker and am on the legs cuffs of a 2nd ppair as I needed them more than longies at the minute as Logans had all shrunk and he had grown so we were having nappy peeking out. I now have 3 that barely fit him but 2 almost finished with huge rises-lol.
Kind regards, Mel in Melbourne, Australia

Me said...

i'm working on a pair of short shorties ... i really want a soaker but my chunker thighs is going to get boy shorts style shorties bc i don't have a soaker pattern i love yet ... i have finished the second set of short rows ... can't wait to get more done