Tuesday, September 4

Anyone want Manos?

Hey all!! My name is Stephanie and I'm new here. I hope I can ask this question so here goes:

Does anyone want 2 skeins of Manos Del Uruguay 111 Eclipse? Okay, I'm sure you'll do (it's fabulous) BUT here's the kicker - I want to trade it for 2 skeins 100PureWool in girly colors!

I want to knit my first pair of longies out of 100PureWool but am short on cash so thought someone might be up for a simple straight across trade!

Let me know in the comments if you're interested and thanks!



Neeroc said...

Oh - that is a beautiful colourway - now I'm off to find a Canadian supplier. I wish I could help, but I don't have any of the wool you are looking for. Good luck.

Kim said...

I made a soaker out of that color, I love it!! If I had some girly purewool (or really any purewool!) I'd trade you. Sorry!