Saturday, September 15

Longies & Pinwheel blanket

Well all I finally finished the longies for my friend. I also knit some of the LTK Felted Mocs. They're in the wash felting right now! The yarn is Tykie Knits Dark Koi Pond. They were knit with the Picky Pant pattern. I was going to use Sheepy Pants on my next project when I had to start these so now I'll be starting Sheepy Pants in the next day or so! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Here are the felted mocs - prior to felting.
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Finally - my dd's pinwheel blanket. This is from yarn that I dyed using rose petals from roses my dh gave me for my birthday just a few days after dd was born. I wasn't sure whether to knit longies or this blanket. I'm so glad that I chose the blanket! This is something she can put on a coffee or end table when she's older if she chooses.
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and the roses that I used to dye the yarn with:
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so off to start some new longies for dd as it has turned quite chilly here the last few days! It was 37 degrees this morning around 7 a.m. However, it's supposed to be 89 one day this next week!

dh is also still asking when I'm going to make him some socks!


Mandy S said...

What a lovely, lovely thing to do with the roses. It's beautiful.

KimV said...

so pretty and the longies are great! I have the non felted mocs pattern abd keep meaning to try it.

Kim said...

Wow, that is an heirloom blanket for sure! I love the story of that!!! The longies are beautiful also, I can't wait to see the mocs! :)

Neeroc said...

Those are all gorgeous pieces. I love the colours in the longies. And that is a beautiful way to use the roses. How did you use them to dye the wool?

Lana said...

Okay.. I couldn't resist. I had to buy the mocs pattern after seeing yours. They are just great!
You have done a wonderful job.

Lystessa said...

I tried to dye yarn with roses, but I couldn't get it to stick... Please tell me what mordant or method you used!