Tuesday, October 2

I've hit a wall.

Wow, I seem to be in a funk. I had set a goal of working on one garment a week and given that I'm due December 7th that should give me a nice little stash. I started in August, and was clipping along fairly well. It usually only takes me a day or two for the knitting, but finding that time over the week has been hard. And harder still is making sure I do all the finishing bits like weaving in ends.

Well last week I went for broke! I ended up with another pair of SheepyPants:

Another CurlyPurly soaker:

And I made up two of Mandy's hats (so adorable). But I haven't touched the needles since Friday. I don't know if I've hit a wall with knitting baby clothes, or if I need to branch out to new patterns, or what is going on, so tonight I picked up something completely different and we'll see if a change is as good as a rest.


Me said...

adorable pants and soaker ... hopefully you'll find your knitting mojo again

she knits said...

HI, Funny how that can happen, I was exactly the same when having Logan. Sure was frustrating as I had big plans and ran out of time. What i did was make sure I had knitting in the car etc for when hubby was driving and I would attempt 1-2 rows, sometimes I did more other days 1-2 rows was all I could bring myself to do despite 6 hours of driving in the day. At least if you have something in all the spots you may want it you can go for it if the urge to knit returns. Good luck with the knitting, I wanted 40 handknit items by time bubby arrived, but doubt I got that far-lol.
Regards, Mel

loraine said...

Nice job. Try to be easy on yourself; after all, you're pregnant!! :-) You sure did make up for lost time last week so let yourself slide. Mel's ideas are good. I need to do that. I get about one or two rows done before my little one wants me but it's just he and I so he deserves the attention from Mama. Good luck. I should become an aunt just after your LO arrives. Exciting times.

abunchofus said...

beautiful job! Hang in there - we all get into our groove and then all get in a funk from time to time! and especially when pregnant!

where is Mandy's hat pattern? I'd love to see it!

Neeroc said...

Mandy posted a call for testers a while ago in this kal - http://longies.blogspot.com/2007/09/not-longies-but-knit.html
The hats are very cute. She's also got some listed on her blog, which is linked in the list on the right.