Thursday, October 18

Sheepy pants Longies finished !

Hi all,

I finished these on the 13th of October, I have had trouble getting blogger to upload pics but trying again. They look great and they fit nice with the basketweave hems turned up and should fit for a while and it they felt shorter they'll still fit too-lol. Hope you like them as much as I do.

Regards, Mel


loraine said...

Cute. Little One is so adorable.

she knits said...

Thanks Lorraine, He is getting cuter by the moment-LOL. Such smiles and full on raucous laughter now as well. He seems very entertained playing with the drawstring as well.

abunchofus said...

Love how those turned out! Very nice! and handsome little fella you have there!

she knits said...

Thanks, ke keeps getting cuter everyday. I get stopped everywhere I go and told how gorgeous he is. He is always smiling at poeple as well.
regards, Mel