Tuesday, August 21

What longies?

So I have all these longies to do, and I've almost finished the newborn pair, when my brain suddenly decided that I absolutely couldn't do one more pair until I made my daughter a woolen hat. It's August, in TX, and I'm knitting a Stripey Hat from Simple Knits for Little Cherubs, by Erika Knight. Of course I changed it. I used a heavier yarn, so I started out with fewer stictches. I plan to felt it a little, so I'm making it longer than the pattered states, to account for the way it will felt. (more felting up and down than sideways)
I promise to go back to longies today as soon as I finish this hat. Unless my brain decides I need to knit...oh, say...a giant pink bunny.

1 comment:

loraine said...

I have to say, I love the giant pink bunny comment. I'll help you. heh How about a giant purple cow instead?