Sunday, August 26


Hi Ladies,
I guess I'm a bit late. Those socks I had to finish took longer than I thought. Anyway, I did my gauge square last night and was disappointed that the HPY Colonia 145 that I'm using gets the same gauge as Peace Fleece! I was thinking it was bulky. Hmmm. But it is still beautiful, and 4 1/2 spi is not too bad. Can you tell already that I'm a lazy knitter? I'm using Cedro de Dulce, a lovely caramely brown. I was happy to see dd has grown considerably since I made her last set of shorties for the summer, though! I am making Sheepy Pants with a ribbed waist. Should finish the waistband tonight. Nice to be here with you all. (waving energetically from the Jersey shore.)

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Knit Wit said...

Good to see you got on the blog Colleen :)