Tuesday, August 14

Kool-aid Dyed yarn

Here is a pic of the yarn I plan on using. I'm going to use the Sheepy Pants with a little altering (just can't leave a pattern alone!). I dyed this yarn a couple days ago with dark cherry and grape Kool-Aid. I always feel like I have to explain to the cashier that I'm buying it for dying wool since I would never give it to my children but I don't think they care. I'm going to start once I finish up a pattern I've been working on (hopefully tonight). I'm in desperate need of longies since we are moving to North Dakota soon. I don't think I would ever get a chance to use them down here in Louisiana.


Knit Wit said...

I love those colors together!

I think even in North Dakota you have a while before you need longies :)

Mandy S said...

That's beautiful! My kids like the way wool smells when I dye with kool aid.

loraine said...

Very pretty colors. I am the same way at the stores. The egg stocking guy at Wal-Mart knows all about teaching sign language to babies and using it forever to help with communication issues of two yr olds. He said thanks for telling him. heh