Sunday, August 26

Chocolate and Blue Longies

These longies are chocolate and blue, and I love them. They're a custom for a YYMN that was raffled for Diaper Traders. The yarn is from One Stop Sweet Shop, and it arrived like this:When I woke up this morning, they looked like this:

I was going to post progress notes, but life got in the way. We were so busy all day, and outside, and by the time I got to the computer to post an update, I had to update my update. Now they look like this:

I was also thrilled by my score at the craft store today, where they had a lot of yarn (no wool, though) on clearance. For $15, I got two needle cases and:

NINETEEN skiens of yarn!!!


Melanie said...

They look great!! Who are you knitting them for?? I'm on DT too. :D

Mandy S said...

They're for TQ on DT. They're from the YYMN raffle for my HC

colleen95 said...

Ooh. Those colors are really beautiful.

Knit Wit said...

"They're for TQ on DT. They're from the YYMN raffle for my HC"

Um, what?

Mandy S said...

Sorry. They're for a mama whose member name on Diaper Traders is TQ. She won a raffle they had where I'd donated a "your yarn, my needles" slot, where she sent me the yarn and I knit the longies. I donated the slot from my Hyena Cart, called In Knit Together.