Monday, January 14

Curly Purly longies

After ages of sitting in my UFO pile, T's nighttime longies are finally finished. This is his final pair of woolies for this winter.
The lighting really stinks today, so the color looks all washed out. The second picture is a little more true to the color IRL. It's Peace Fleece in Patience Blue. I am again just so enamored of the way PF blooms and softens after washing and lanolizing. I love this yarn!
I worked the Curly Purly waistband and then just kept going to make longies instead of working the leg openings per the soaker pattern.

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blythe said...

HI! I have started a pair of longies using the curlypurly pattern, but as I am a pretty new knitter and haven't made pants before I am stuck on how to start the legs/crotch! Seems like it should be so easy - can you recommend how to transition to the legs and also let me know how long you recommend I make the rise for a 0-3 month size CD baby? THANKS!